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  • 1.Quick Guide of Using Amazon Echo to Smart Blinds Controller

  • 2.Quick Guide of Using Google Home to Smart Blinds Controller

  • 3.Can I use it with any type of chains?

    Yes, you can . You can add the smart blinds chain controller to your existing window blinds with endless chain or cord.

  • 4.Is it possible to use any type , weight and size of shades?

    Smart blinds chain controller support all horizontal blinds . Supported weight is up to 10kg , recommend  shade size is :  8ft(2.5m)*12ft(3.5m)

  • 5.Which smartphones are compatible with smart blinds chain controller ?

    Smart blinds chain controller is currently compatible with IOS and Android phones.

  • 6.What is the noise level for Smart Blinds Chain Controller ?

    In normal operating conditions Smart Blinds Chain controller is raising your curtains at 45 db which is pretty quiet for a motor. Comparable to light traffic or refrigerator.  

    Also  pls be sure to use suitable gear for the chain, and adjust its tension ,  make sure when that the chain is not too tight, this may sometimes raise the noise level.

  • 7.Can I connector Smart blinds chain controller with Amazon Alexa , google home ?

    Yes, you can

    To wifi version ,  connector with Amazon Alexa, google home directly 

    To remote version , connector with Amazon Alexa, google home,  HomeKit ( Through HomeAssistant )via broadlink  RM Pro+

  • 8.After the installation , can I move the blinds manually?

    Unfortunately , this device is not available at the moment , but it is easy to take device out, then for manual.

  • 9.Can I control the "Smart blinds chain controller" on multiple phones?

    Yes, one phones can control multi controller, and multi phones can also control one controller

  • 10.Is there a warranty?

    Yes, we gladly provide technical support during one years from the day of the receiving the product.

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